Please see this explanation behind our decision to terminate the Station Wiki. While this announcement was made on January 4, the Wiki remains open in a read-only state through March 1, to allow contributors and other volunteers to incorporate material from this Wiki into the appropriate page(s) on Wikipedia. Station Wiki:About

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This wiki is not the same thing as Rather, this wiki is intended to be a companion to If you want to know more about's own history and policies, please read the About page. The about page you're reading right now focuses only on the Station Wiki.

What's the difference?'s primary purpose has been, and will continue to be, to cover the happenings of the radio business within the Syracuse, Utica-Rome, Watertown and Ithaca-Cortland markets, as defined by Arbitron. The main site is updated often, as news events warrant.

The Station Wiki is intended to be more of a "reference guide," if you will. The Wiki will include mostly statistical or technical information that doesn't change very often (ie. frequency numbers, mailing addresses, ownership information, etc.).

What about details that are missing or incorrect?

If you notice any mistakes, or if you see something's incomplete, you can fix it yourself. The Station Wiki runs on the same open-source software that runs Wikipedia. Anyone can edit any page within the wiki. If you already know how to edit pages on Wikipedia, you'll feel right at home here (for the most part).

Of course, keeping in mind the fact that anyone can edit the Wiki, we cannot guarantee all information will always be accurate. While we make our best effort to combat vandalism and/or innocent inaccuracy, we do not have the ability to constantly patrol every page of the Wiki. Please see the Disclaimer Page if you're really interested in reading an entire page of legal mumbo jumbo that basically restates what we just said in the previous 2 sentences.

How do I get started on editing pages?

First, you need a Subscriber Account. (If you don't have one, you can get one for free.) Your username and password for the main site will also log you into the Station Wiki. Just click the "Log in" link at the top-right corner of any page in the wiki, login, and you're good to go. (Even though the main site and the wiki employ the same usernames and passwords, logging into one does not automatically log you into the other.)

Second, go to the page you want to edit, and click the "edit" tab at the top of the page. If you're just correcting mistakes or making small additions, it should be pretty self-explanatory. Just make the changes, and click the "Save Page" button below the editing window.

If you plan on doing more extensive work, you should review the list of the most commonly used Wiki Formatting Commands you'll need to know in order to make text appear in bold, italics and so forth. You may even want to "favorite" or "bookmark" that page in your web browser for easy access.

Third, don't worry if you make a major mistake. The wiki software keeps backups of all changes. If you royally screw something up, we can always revert to an older version of the page. Just let us know. We won't be upset -- mistakes are very easy to fix. The important thing is that you made the effort to help!

Advanced Editing 202

If you'd like to do some "hardcore" editing, please read our Manual of Style first. It includes all the guidelines for helping all pages in the wiki maintain a consistent look and feel. Even though we can always go back and "correct" new contributions that don't conform to the Style Sheets, it's nice when we don't have to.

Also see Wikipedia:How to edit a page for even an even more-detailed list of handy tricks and tips you can use while editing. Just bear in mind, even though we're using the same "base" software as Wikipedia, we don't have the exact same add-ons/plug-ins and configuration. So certain things that work on Wikipedia may not work in our Wiki.

Abusive User Policy management will not tolerate abusive editing of pages. All page edits are logged by username, date and time, allowing management to promptly suspend or ban any user caught maliciously editing pages. "Malicious editing" includes any action management deems to be harmful to the wiki, including but not limited to: purposely posting false information or deleting information that didn't deserve to be deleted.

We realize there is a difference between "honest mistakes" and intentional abuse. Users who appear to be making a good-faith effort to make positive contributions to the wiki will not be suspended for making honest mistakes. The abusive user policy is something we don't expect we'll have to invoke often.

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