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September 14, 2008 by and cover happenings within the industry of radio and television, specifically within the local markets of Syracuse and Utica, New York. Here's how to contact the site owner with news tips or any other matters regarding the website.

CNYRadio / CNYTVNews is neither owned by, nor affiliated with any local radio or TV station.

If you are trying to contact a local radio or TV station, this is not the place.

Any of the following will be discarded without a reply:
> "Community Calendar" or "Birthday List" submissions
> Press releases about "general news" unrelated to broadcasting
> Requests asking for help contacting any past or present staff of a local radio or TV station.

We DO gladly accept the following:

  • Press releases or other "official" communications directly from local radio or TV stations regarding stations, programming / formatting, personnel / staffing (including job vacancies), technical updates and major station-organized events.
  • Tips about happenings within local radio or TV, whether you've spotted the news elsewhere (e.g. news coverage, social media posts, etc.) or you happen to have "insider" knowledge.

Contact Us

If you represent a local radio or TV station and you would like to add us to an email distribution list, please use the contact form below to make initial contact, and we will respond with the email address.

Contact Us
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Maximum file size: 2.1MB

For security purposes, this form only accepts PDF, JPG and PNG files. There is a limit of 2 files, up to 5MB each. Most submissions should be able to comply with these requirements. If you cannot, please send a message with an explanation and contact info, and we'll reply with alternate means to submit your material.


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