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A new look... is CNYRadio "back?"

If you're seeing this, you're discovering a brand new look for / It's the first major update for the homepage since 2014, and the first "overhaul" of the site's appearance in longer than that! Here's the scoop on what's happening behind the scenes.

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Year in Review 2013: The top 10 stories

CENTRAL NEW YORK — As per tradition here at and, New Year's Eve is when we look through a whole bunch of server stats to determine the Top 10 Stories that appeared on this website over the past year.  We also asked readers to submit some of your own thoughts on which stories […]

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Year in Review 2013: Comings and goings

CENTRAL NEW YORK -- As another year comes to a close, it's time to take a look back at all the changes in local broadcasting over the past 364 days.  We begin a four-part "Year in Review" series with a look at personnel comings and goings as reported by and

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Year in Review 2013: Remembering those we lost

CENTRAL NEW YORK -- Two people at two different stations, who worked at their respective stations for decades, climbing the ladder to upper management... some pioneers in local television... and a few who left us much sooner than expected.   In this installment of our four-part "Year in Review," we pause to remember the local […]

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Year in Review 2013: Format flips and station sales

CENTRAL NEW YORK -- As the year winds down to a close, it's time to begin our annual look back at 2013.  We have a four-part series of Year in Review which stretches from today, right up to New Year's Eve.  In part one, we recap the many changes in terms of station ownership (especially in […]

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We Want Your Picks: Biggest Stories of 2013

As we prepare for our annual "Year in Review," where we recap all of the big stories of the year in local broadcasting, we once again want to ask YOUR opinion.  Even though certain stories may generate a lot of views, we realize that site traffic stats don't always necessarily correlate with the significance of […]

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Site News: Comment Policy Update

Just a quick note about something you may or may not have realized already -- we've recently changed our Comment Policy (which is also available through the "About" menu at the top of the site).  In addition to comments which are posted directly on individual stories, our software now automatically pulls responses in from Facebook […]

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Writers wanted: Help CNYRadio & CNYTVNews return

Back in July, I announced this site would be taking an extended summer hiatus due to a number of personal events.  At the time, I stated a desire to get and back up and running in October.  That's still the plan, but it's going to take some help from willing volunteers to avoid […]

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From the Editor: Taking a summer break

Effective immediately, and will be taking a summer vacation.  Major breaking news will still be covered to the best of my ability... but I've decided to step back from the "routine day-to-day" types of stories for at least the next couple of months.

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Help wanted: Become a volunteer writer for this website

What a busy week it has been! Well, not so much for / -- but for your editor's life away from the computer. That explains why, if you check out the homepage today, you'll notice just two news stories between today's Picture of the Week and last week's featured photo. And that's why […]

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