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May 31, 2013 by / Logo

What a busy week it has been! Well, not so much for / -- but for your editor's life away from the computer. That explains why, if you check out the homepage today, you'll notice just two news stories between today's Picture of the Week and last week's featured photo. And that's why today, I'm putting out an open call for volunteers to help out with news coverage. Interested? Read on...

As much as I enjoy covering the latest developments in local radio and television, the management of this website is something I do purely as a hobby. Any revenue generated through advertising goes right back into covering the expenses for web hosting, domain registration and other operational expenses.

Since taking over the site in 2008 and adding to the operation in 2010, plenty of things in my life have changed. Although those changes have all been very positive for me personally, the amount of spare time I have to work on the site has been significantly reduced, especially during the summertime.

I don't want to have to shut the site down, but I don't want to continue to have more weeks where there are only a couple of new stories each week. Instead, I'm hoping to hear from readers -- even just a few -- who have the writing skills, the interest, and the time to serve as volunteer writers for the site.

If you're interested, or if you have any questions, please drop me a line: While experience with WordPress or similar platforms is helpful, it's not a requirement.

Granted, I realize most readers already work in broadcasting. You would never be expected to cover any news that would pose a conflict-of-interest. For example, a writer who works in radio would never be asked to cover an event at their own station -- or cluster -- or at any other radio station in any of the markets we cover. Likewise for TV.

And, as with any true "volunteer" opportunity, you would never be "required" to provide a certain level of commitment. You could write as often or as little as you wish. As the editor, I would suggest topics or might ask you to cover a specific story if I'm not able to do so myself, but you would always have the right to refuse.

If you're worried about getting swamped with assignments -- once again, you can turn down requests if you're too busy. I can't blame you -- I'm busy too. Hopefully there are many volunteers, so that there's always "someone" available to help out, even if others are unavailable.

Once again, these would be volunteer positions. The only compensation I can offer is a platform for you to practice your writing, get credit for being published (perhaps for a portfolio), the chance to increase your networking opportunities in the field, and perhaps even a chance to get some of your best work entered in awards competitions.

Thanks for taking the time to read my request. And thanks for bearing with me during these abnormally busy weeks. Hopefully, with help from even just a few of you, this site will be able to keep up with all the news without missing a beat.

Peter Naughton /

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