Will Clear Channel sell one of its Syracuse stations?

October 23, 2001 by Scott Jameson

With its impending purchase of the Ackerley Group, which includes WIXT (channel 9), Clear Channel Communications may be forced to sell at least one of its Syracuse radio stations to adhere to federal regulations. Look for a couple of their AM stations in Utica to be sold as well.

This all assumes that Clear Channel is planning on keeping WIXT and Utica's WUTR (channel 20). The group has asked for an additional 12-18 months after the deal goes through to spin off what they need to in order to stay within FCC guidelines.

(Editor's Note in 2009: As we all know, this didn't quite happen as predicted.  In the end, Clear Channel held on to its Utica radio properties, ultimately selling off WUTR.)


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