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Mars Hill's Dan Dunn Featured in Newspaper

SYRACUSE -- From country music, to rock, pop and now religious music... Dan Dunn has experience in a variety of radio formats.  These days, he's at the Mars Hill Network (WMHR) and he's on the cover of the current edition of The Good News Paper, a Christian publication based in Syracuse.  Dunn spoke with John Petrilli […]

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Mars Hill Going On-Location to Benefit Rescue Mission

SYRACUSE -- The Mars Hill Network hopes to help the Rescue Mission with a live broadcast at one of the Mission's "Thrifty Shopper" stores this Friday morning.  In addition to some live musical performances, Mars Hill is offering an online coupon to entice listeners to stop by.

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POTW: WSCP-FM 1987 Staff Reunion (2010)

SYRACUSE -- Almost a quarter-century after WSCP-FM 101.7 first signed on the air, three former on-air personalities had a small reunion, this past week.  Two of the guys are still working in Syracuse radio; the third recently visited from his retirement home down south.

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