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Savage Returns to WSYR Lineup Tonight

SYRACUSE -- Nearly a month after Dr. Michael Savage suddenly disappeared from radio stations across the country, the California-based host returns to the airwaves tonight.  Although his new syndication deal was announced last week, it wasn't until late this afternoon that Clear Channel's WSYR announced they would be restoring Savage to the lineup, effective with […]

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WSYR Refuses Savage Replacement; Offers More Hannity

SYRACUSE -- While many of Michael Savage's former affiliates across the country simply stayed with the replacement offered by Savage's former syndicator, that's not the case in Syracuse.  News Talk 106.9 and 570 WSYR has instead chosen to give listeners more of Sean Hannity.

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Michael Savage Lawsuit Victory Triggers Radio Hiatus

SYRACUSE -- Nationally-syndicated talk show host Michael Savage will be absent from News Talk 106.9 and 570 WSYR and hundreds of other affiliates across the country until further notice, after the California-based host won a long-running lawsuit with his former syndicator, Talk Radio Network.

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Michael Savage Sues Syndicator

SAN FRANCISCO -- A contract dispute between talk show host Michael Savage and his syndicator is going to federal court. Savage, who is heard locally on WSYR, is suing Talk Radio Network, accusing TRN of trying to "strong-arm" him into accepting a "sub-standard agreement" which he compared to "indentured servitude."

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Dr. Laura to Sign Off in December

LOS ANGELES -- Just a week after an incident where she said "the n-word" live on-the-air several times in a row, Dr. Laura has announced she's going to end her radio show when her current contract ends this December.  Formerly heard on prominent news/talkers in Central New York's two largest markets, Dr. Laura's show is now only heard on […]

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Michael Savage Defends Remarks About Autism

Many autism awareness groups protested Michael Savage's show today, upset over comments he made last week, calling many children diagnosed with autism "a brat who hasn't been told to cut the act out."  Savage, whose show is heard locally on WSYR, says he will not apologize for the remarks, explaining that his comments were taken out of context.

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