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May 5, 2001 by Scott Jameson

Local web radio outlet announced that it will carry WSYR's computer advice show "Random Access" Sundays from noon until two. The show's hosts Al Fasdolt and Gene Wolf field callers' questions on PC and Mac hardware and software.

Brian Ocean posted the following on the CNY Broadcasting Discussion Board:

Central new yorks techs join the sunday lineup in channel 1 on The terrestrial radio stations are all down and were stepping up to the plate to continue content delivery of great shows (removing the commercials because of the strike). In addition to Homegrown with Daniel Dunn, sundays at 8pm. Sundays between noon and two, tune into channel 1 to catch central new yorks techs Gene Wolf, Al Fasoldt, and Mark Yafchak for Random Access from 570 WSYR.

Internet radio is not in the position to take over terrestrial radio, but like c-span, the goal at is to become more of an independent outlet for radio combining the talents from all of the stations, rather than just one. remember if you put your project on our site, it is permanent,for your grandchildren to catch a glimpse of your work or just for you to click in and reflect on. We invite everyone to tune in and listen to the great talent already contributed to the site, or start your project, or email is right on the site if you need help. Everyones invted, pros and ametuers alike.If you have a specialty show you would like us to air on the net for you....feel free to contact us! Trade agreements welcome.


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