Remembering those we lost in 2001

December 28, 2001 by Scott Jameson

The Syracuse radio community said goodbye to several broadcast veterans this year.

Ron Curtis

Though he was known primarily for his long television career at channel 5 beginning in 1960, Ron Curtis started out in radio at the age of 15 when he dropped out of Solvay high school to take an announcing job at WFBL AM. His radio career also included time at 62 WHEN where he hosted a program called The Record Room. Curtis is survived by his wife and four children. He was 74.

Nelson Guyette

Former Syracuse radio personality Nelson Guyette passed away on Thursday, October 4 in Rochester. Guyette, who was program director and station manager at WSAY/WRTK in the flower city, spent part of his long career at Syracuse stations WNTQ, WFBL, and WSEN. He was 68.

Donna Speziale Richards

Donna Speziale died Sunday May 20 after a sudden illness. In the late 70's and early 80's Donna was a journalist for WFBL-AM and WHEN-AM, including two years as News Director. She later moved on to television news at WTVH 5 where she won an Emmy in 1988. She was 43. At her funeral, friend and fellow news anchor Bill Carey gave a eulogy which is posted on the WHEN tribute site.

Neil Sullivan

Former 93Q staff member Neil Sullivan died on Thursday, September 13 after a short battle with lung cancer. Sullivan, who most recently worked as program director of WMEQ in Maine, was a 20-year radio veteran who also spent time in Worcester, Milford, and on Cape Cod. Neil was 43.


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