Motley Fool to debut on WRVO

June 17, 2002 by Scott Jameson

Next month, the WRVO stations will begin "playing the Fool." Financial experts David and Tom Gardner, whose commercially syndicated Motley Fool Radio Show was canceled last September, resurrected the program in January on National Public Radio (NPR) stations across the country. Locally, WRVO FM 90 and its affiliate network will begin airing the weekly one-hour show on July 6 at noon, a time slot formerly occupied by Sound Money.For nearly a decade, the brothers have garnered a loyal following of experienced stockbrokers and novice investors alike, reaching millions of people each week through an award-winning web site, a series of acclaimed books, and a syndicated weekly newspaper column. Now, every weekend public radio listeners across the nation will hear and learn from The Motley Fool approach to personal finance.

"A program hosted by two worked for cars, so why not money matters?" WRVO Program Director John Hurlbutt said, alluding to the successful appeal of NPR's Car Talk, a mainstay of WRVO's Saturday schedule for many years. "We're excited about adding The Motley Fool Radio Show to our lineup and think listeners will find it very entertaining, informative and useful," the programmer continued.

The show will build on the Gardner brothers' three successful years on commercial radio. It will include a lively mix of guest interviews, listener call-in segments, and games.

The Motley Fool Radio Show aired previously on 570 WSYR.

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