K-Rock: 'Silent Bob' to mornings, Rainman returns

April 3, 2003 by Scott Jameson

With J.J. Herr's move to North Carolina, K-Rock is shuffling its jock schedule.

'Silent Bob' Staffa moves from middays to fill Herr's Total Request Morning duties.

The station is also bringing back Rainman to afternoon drive, a shift he hosted from 1999-2001. "When K-Rock offered me the chance to kick itin afternoons in Central New York again, it was an opportunity I could notpass up!," he said. "I miss the listeners and can't wait to riggity ROCK with themagain!"Program director Abbie Weber, who moves from afternoons back to middays, is looking forward to Rain's return as well. "He has afollowing that has not forgotten him and it's great to have him back!," says Weber.

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