Dave Bullard joins WSYR's news staff

December 8, 2003 by Scott Jameson

After a 15-year break from radio, former 62 WHEN newsman Dave Bullard has joined the news staff at 570 WSYR, handling midday anchor duties during the week.

Bullard, who also worked for WTVH TV 5 and has been the managing editor for online daily local news sites for Fulton, Oswego, and Baldwinsville, says, "After five years of small business ownership, it's time to begin socking a few bucks away for my 9th grader's college education."Bullard will continue his online venture alongside his new permanent part-time job at WSYR.

He notes that it's been a while since his radio days at WHEN. "If you hear me, be kind -- I'm slowly shaking off more than 15 years of radio rust."

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