CC Demands Budget Tightening

January 29, 2008 by

A hiring freeze is among the measures demanded by Clear Channel radio leader John Hogan, in a memo issued to radio GMs and business managers last Friday.  Citing higher expenses and lower revenue projections for 2008 Q1, Hogan is also ordering GMs to cut advertising, promotions and music research as of February 1.

That means stations can't fill any openings -- even for salespeople -- and stations can't replace anyone who leaves after this point unless the GM gets "specific approval from your EVPO."

Since our speciality at is covering the local radio scene, we'll defer to the national trades for further details on this one.  Out of the various websites we checked, Tom Taylor on did the best job breaking this down, with the main points on Monday (Jan. 28), and the outreaching effects on Tuesday (Jan. 29).  You may need to create a login account to access those archives, but it's free.


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