McConnell Yanked from WSYR

February 6, 2008 by

Mike McConnell is gone from the weekday lineup at Newsradio 570 WSYR.  But if you were a fan, don't blame local management.  Tom Taylor at says syndicator Premiere Radio Networks made the decision, but all is not lost for McConnell's fans.

Taylor's daily column says McConnell's weekday show was only being carried by 20 stations, and most of them -- including WSYR -- were carrying it on delay.  The show airs live out of WLW in Cincinnati from 9am to noon, the same time as the much more popular Glenn Beck, also carried by Premiere.  WSYR had been airing McConnell from 10pm to 1am, making it impossible for listeners to call in.

If you're a McConnell fan, you can still catch him on "The Weekend," airing on WSYR Saturdays from 7-10pm.   (Which, incidentally is also on a delay -- Premiere's website says the show feeds from Noon to 3pm.)

Ironically, the host that's prevented McConnell from being heard live in more markets, is now his replacement in Syracuse.  WSYR is re-running the Glenn Beck Program in the 10p-1a slot.


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