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March 18, 2008 by

If you haven't noticed, the e-mail graphic at the top of the page has a new address.  From now on, you can reach us at cnyradio <at> cnyradio <dot> com.  You can still use the old address, but we figured this might be a little easier to remember.

Also, we'd like to revive an original feature, the "Photo of the Week."  We need your help with this one!  Visitors of the original site may remember seeing a new photo appear every Friday.  If your station just had a big event you want to brag about (radiothon, celebrity visit, major prize giveaway, etc.) send one or two pictures our way.  We also welcome historic photos, especially if there's a connection to a current event, an anniversary or "just because."

Example Picture of the Week from 2002

Remember, it's the Photo of the Week, so if you have dozens of pictures from an event, please don't clog our inbox with all of them!  We'd love it if you just send the best one... or the best 2-3 and we'll pick the one we like the best.  Or, if your photos are already posted online, just send us a link.  Our address for Photo of the Week is photos <at> cnyradio <dot> com.

Depending on how many submissions we get, we may start this Friday -- if not, then hopefully next Friday.

And as long as you've read this far, you must be interested enough in this little website to know we're also open to your suggestions for the Weekly Poll that appears on the left-hand side of the homepage.  Once again, the address for your ideas is cnyradio <at> cnyradio <dot> com.  Thanks!

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