WIBX ND becomes WFRG Morning Co-Host

March 18, 2008 by

Big Frog 104 (WFRG) has a new co-host for longtime morning personality Matt Herkimer, replacing "Annie Croakley," who left earlier in the year.  Thanks to a tip from a visitor a few weeks ago, we were expecting this one anytime now -- and we now finally see confirmation on WFRG's new website.

Her on-air name is "Polly Wogg," but you'll observant fans will notice her voice sounds very much like WIBX news anchor Stacey Lynn.  And oh yeah, even though they squished her photo on the WFRG morning show webpage, she also looks a lot like Stacey Lynn on the WIBX news team web page.

So you may be wondering, is she doing split-shifts as split personalities?

Apparently not... has a job posting for a News Director at Regent Utica, saying "our last one just got promoted to her dream job within the company!"  If running the WIBX newsroom sounds like your dream job, here's the link to the job posting.


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