Brent Axe Returning to Radio

March 24, 2008 by

Sports talk host Brent Axe will be back on the radio within the next month.  Axe e-mailed us with the news today.  His show "On the Block," will make its comeback on Citadel's ESPN Radio 1260 (WNSS) in April.

Axe tells us the tentative debut date will be April 7th and the show will air weekdays from 3-6pm.  If the show doesn't begin April 7th for some reason, he says it will "certainly be up and running sometime in mid-April."

And good news for fans who used to listen to Brent on WIBX's "Sportswatch" in Utica -- if you can't pick up WNSS on your radio, you can listen online.  The Axeman reminds us WNSS is streamed online 24/7 at and that will include his new show when it begins.

Since exiting from Clear Channel, Axe has been writing a sports commentary blog on  In fact, he posted today with more details about his upcoming return to the radio dial.  If the title "On the Block" sounds familiar, that's because the show originally aired on Clear Channel's Sportsradio 620 (WHEN).  It's also the name of the podcast Axe has been doing as a companion to the aforementioned blog.


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