POTW: Ted & Amy at Penn Can (1991)

March 28, 2008 by

We begin the revival of the "Picture of the Week" with a classic picture tucked away in a website we found, detailing the history of the Penn Can Mall (known today as Driver's Village) in Cicero.  We couldn't believe it when we found this... and according to the site, this picture was taken in 1991... apparently the woman at far left won a car from 93Q.  We're not sure who the man in the suit is.

Ted & Amy at Penn Can Mall

Yes, those two people on the right are none other than Ted & Amy from the 93Q (WNTQ) morning show.  (Click the picture for a much larger, full-size version.)  The website where we found it was

Our thanks to for permission to post this photo... you won't find any other radio-related pictures on there (unless you count pictures of "Radio Shack") but you're bound to find plenty of memories if you ever shopped at Penn Can during it's heyday.

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