Newspaper Reports on WFBL Format Flip

May 24, 2008 by

You read about WFBL's format flip here on back in April (at least one reader thought it was an April Fool's joke at first).  And this week, the Syracuse New Times picked up on the changes at the Buckley Broadcasting studios in Baldwinsville.

The article isn't quite as thorough as when the SNT profiled TK99's Dave Frisina earlier this month for his 30 years on the radio, or when they featured 93Q's Ted & Amy -- who mark 20 years together later this fall.

But, it still serves the important purpose of allowing GM Judy Kelly to explain how the new format on WFBL Oldies 1390 fills the void left behind as sister station WSEN (92.1 FM) gradually trims the oldest titles off its playlist each year.  A pretty good way to explain it to non-radio people who might not understand the difference between two "flavors" of oldies radio.

Click here to see the article, or pick up a free copy this week, at any of the hundreds of locations where the New Times is offered.  (And our thanks to original owner Scott Jameson for alerting us to the SNT article -- we hadn't yet seen this week's edition and probably would have missed it!)

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