How Are We Doing?

June 9, 2008 by

It's been almost 4 months since we unveiled the new  Now that we've had time to get our feet wet, we're hoping you'll take a moment to tell us what you'd like to see here.  

Click here for a slightly larger view of this 2003 screenshotThose of you who enjoyed the original probably remember it had many more features.  There were ratings, program schedules, and a complete listing of on-air personalities.  At the advice of founder Scott Jameson, we have been careful not to get in over our heads by adding too many extras.  After all, the more things we add, the more things we have to maintain.  (Some of that maintenance can become rather time-consuming.)

However, we are interested in knowing what you think about the site so far.  Have we been living up to your expectations?  Are there specific features you'd like us to bring back?  New features that weren't even available on the original site?  In general, what would make your visits to more enjoyable?  Even if your answer is "don't change a thing," your opinion counts.

Optionally -- it would help if we knew a little more about who's visiting the site.  You don't necessarily have to tell us your name, but it would be helpful if you could tell us whether you work in radio or you're just an observer... which market you live in... and how often you currently visit our little corner of cyberspace.

If you have a user account, you can post a comment below if you wish (bearing in mind, it will be visible to everyone).  If you don't have a user account, or just prefer your comments only be seen by us, we're always happy to see new messages in our inbox at cnyradio <at> .

We thank you for your time! 

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3 comments on “How Are We Doing?”

  1. The site has been informative with news and happenings. Miss the on-air personalities section will it be back?

    For a time under your links you had a link for CNY-TV information. Any plans to bring this feature back?

  2. Sports - We've sent a much more detailed reply to your e-mail address. But for everyone else reading along, here goes:

    The on-air personalities section is missing for two reasons. First, the original was built with a pretty high-end program that can handle complex databases. Unfortunately, ColdFusion has a steep learning curve, and it's pretty expensive (the current version costs $1299 and requires a special kind of server). Instead, we're using a program called WordPress, which is free, open-source, and it can run on almost any kind of server, but it's not quite as powerful as ColdFusion.

    Second, the on-air personality listings would take a pretty long time to build, and they would require constant updating. (Even when nothing is happening, we still need to check to make sure nothing has changed.) We count a total of 108 radio stations in the 4 markets covers... even though several are simulcasts, that's still a LOT of on-air personalities.

    If we can't be 100% sure we will have the time to properly maintain such a list, we'd rather skip it (for now) than provide a mediocre product. If/when the time comes where WordPress (or one of its many add-ons) allow us to easily build and present the list AND we can find an easy way to keep the list updated with minimal effort, we may reconsider.

  3. I find the site to be wonderful. However, I must also ask: Why did you take down the link to the TV site?

    Anyway, I must say this: I am visually impaired, and use a screen reader to read things on the internet. Your site is very accessable for my screen reader, so please keep up the good work. Thank you for not putting a lot of graphics and pictures on your site, as they slow the screen reader down. I have recommended, and will continue to recommend, visually impaired people who love radio to check out this site. Keep up the good work.

    --The Radio Kid


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