POTW: Ace Young at Balloonfest (2008)

June 27, 2008 by

There can only be one Picture of the Week, but we had two major radio events on the same weekend earlier this month.  WFRG's Frogfest won the coin toss to be the POTW last week.  This week, it's 93Q Balloonfest at Jamesville Beach Park.

Photo Courtesy:

According to the caption from 93Q's website, this is national recording artist Ace Young with 93Q's Big Jim Donovan, Rick Roberts and his new daughter Kylie, Brian Phillips, 93Q Program Director Tom Mitchell and other 93Q Staff.

If you happen to know who else posed for this snapshot with Ace, please let us know!  And you can see more from Balloonfest on 93Q's website -- this link will take you to three full pages -- one for each day of the event.

Send Us Your Pictures!
Seriously, the weeks always fly by and we often wind up scrambling at the last minute to find a POTW.  Help us maintain our sanity and save us some time by sending in a picture of something happening today at your station, or a look back at something of interest from the past.  You'll score big brownie points* with us too... double if you're from a station we haven't had in the POTW yet.
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One comment on “POTW: Ace Young at Balloonfest (2008)”

  1. The guy on the left I don't know but next to Ace is Rick Robert's wife, next to Brian Philips is his fiance and beyond Tom Mitchell is engineering marvel Alan Jurison.
    Names will not be given to protect the innocent :)


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