NYS Broadcasters Association Awards Announced

July 3, 2008 by

UPDATED (1:05PM) - The 2008 New York State Broadcasters Association "Awards for Excellence in Broadcasting" have been unveiled.  We now have a complete list of winners, and they include stations in all four markets we cover... for a total of 11 radio awards, and at least 2 TV awards for former radio reporters.

Earlier this morning, we had reported there was conflicting information as to the actual winners, because NYSBA's horrible website only had a partial list for some unknown reason.  Thanks to an anonymous visitor, we now have the full list.

Blue Group (Mid-sized markets)

Category R-5: Outstanding Single Public Affairs Program
WSYR/Syracuse for "The Final Word"

Category R-8: Oustanding Local Newscast
WSYR/Syracuse for "Central New York's Morning News"

Category R-9: Outstanding Feature Story
WSYR/Syracuse for "The Pontiff's Visit to the U.S."

Green Group (Smaller markets)

Category R-1: Outstanding Radio Commercial
WFRG/Marcy for "Car Audio - Shock Therapy"

Category R-2: Outstanding Promotion Announcement or Series
WFRG/Marcy for "Alan Jackson Chattahoochie Spelling Bee"

Category R-3: Outstanding Public Service Announcement/Campaign
WHCU/Ithaca for "Community Dialogue/Equity"

Category R-4: Outstanding Public Affairs Program Series
WEOS/Geneva for "Out of Bounds"

Category R-7: Outstanding Spot News
WIBX/Marcy for "Ed Bogan Murder"

Category R-11: Outstanding On-Air Broadcast Personality or Team
WFRY/Watertown for "Morning Splash with James Pond & Cricket"

Category R-12: Outstanding Local Sporting Event
WGVA/Geneva for "Geneva vs. Brighton Hockey"

Category R-13: Outstanding Sportscast
WICB/Ithaca for "History of the Cortaca Jug"

In our earlier search to find the above list, we also found two former WSYR reporters who moved over to television are sharing an award at WWNY-TV in Watertown.  Caroline Tucker and Jessica Cain won the "Outstanding Spot News" category among stations in the TV Green Group.  Video of the award-winning coverage has been posted on WWNY's website.  As a matter of fact, WWNY was the only TV station in territory to win any awards.


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