Format Flip Up North... More Coming?

July 8, 2008 by

A reader tells us Stephens Media Group's WVLF ("The Valley 96.1") in Norwood flipped formats Monday.  After stunting all weekend, the station has traded in its Mainstream AC playlist for a Hot AC library, and a new name: "Mix 96.1."  And some suspect Stephens could be making even more changes...

Our source notes that WVLF's new format is pretty similar to the existing sound of YES-FM (WYSX 96.7), just up the road in Ogdensburg.  YES-FM 96.7 - WSYXSince both ex-Martz stations are now owned by Stephens, some are wondering if there are any format flip plans in store for WYSX.

We're also told the new Mix 96.1 has new imaging and new talent, but we were unable to locate any website for the new station.  A quick Google search only turned up The Valley's original website at .  (Only time will tell if that link eventually redirects to a new website.)  And yes, we tried some "cold searches" for likely domains, but we only found a Mix 96.1 in San Antonio and a bunch of error pages for our other guesses.

Got Any Other Info?
If you know more about the format flip, or any other radio news happenings elsewhere in territory, let us know! As always -- just like with this article -- requests for anonymity will be honored.  The address is cnyradio <at>

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