Dave Laird Announces Retirement

July 10, 2008 by

Syracuse broadcast legend Dave Laird is retiring at the end of this month, comes word today from Y94FM (WYYY) Program Director Kathy Rowe.  Laird's radio career has taken him up and down the Syracuse dial ... and back and forth along Interstate 90 too.

Kathy sums it up best, so we'll just quote her words about Dave: "he worked at WHAM, WVOR & WSAY in Rochester, WMPS Memphis, WCOP Boston and locally at WNTQ (Laird & Long anyone?), WFBL, WNDR, WSEN, WEZG, and for the last 11 years at Y94FM hosting the Saturday Night Dance Party, Production Master, and vacation fill in guru."

She adds, "for many of us, Dave is a real friend and one of the finest people you'll ever know."  She also says he'd be a shoo-in if there were ever a "CNY Broadcast Hall of Fame."

We're told Laird will be heading south to Tennessee, where he will -- as Kathy puts it -- "enjoy the fine weather and low taxes in them there parts."  And she's not kidding about low taxes -- gas is still below $4.00 a gallon in Tennessee as we write this!

4 comments on “Dave Laird Announces Retirement”

  1. Hey Dave,
    If you find yourself lonesome for the Radio airwaves please make sure you let your listeners know where to tune in.
    I'm going to miss you.
    Thanks for all the song dedications. You and Donna Summer really did help me "survive" some rough times.
    Best wishes and good luck in Tennessee.
    Louisiana loves you!

  2. Dave,

    I always looked up to you as one of the radio greats. You gave me my first break at FIRE 14, WFBL when I was a 19 year old DJ "wanna be" from SU. I'm glad we're still in touch and wish you all the best in Tennessee.

    Dan Stevens

  3. I was working at WNDR when I met Dave Laird at Channel 9 just about the time 9 went on the air, I believe that was in 1962. We hit it off and became good friends immediately. I was unaware of the fact that Dave and I were dating the same girl at the same time. But he mentioned her name one night and I thought, "he's such a good guy, I should stop seeing Carol right now because he sounds like he's in love with her." Well, I did and he was and they got married and Dave and I have remained friends for 46 years so far. He really is one of the best people I know. He deserves all the luck in the world as he turns this corner.

    Dave, you know I'm happy for you and wish you the best. Syracuse is losing a good man but one who leaves a great broadcasting legacy.

    Rick Snyder

  4. Not many people can say someone gave them a dream. I was a big fan of radio in the sixties and always was amazed at the style and delivery of some of the great DJ's. Dave is a natural. I so much desired to be on the air and Dave gave me that opportunity at WNTQ. With some encouragment and support we became close friends and I will always be thankful. Syracuse's loss to the airwaves is huge but Dave I wish you the best in your retirement and mant happy healthy years in Tennessee. In the words of Neil Young "with your chrome heart shining in the sun, long may you run".
    Your friend,
    Tony Fallico


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