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July 14, 2008 by

We begin the new week with a new look for Even though the changes are pretty obvious without having an article to point them out, we just wanted to offer a quick explainer about what's new and different, in case you have trouble finding anything from before.

First up, the one change you won't notice... until you Print (or "Print Preview") a page.  If you ever tried printing articles before, they probably didn't come out so well on paper.  Now, we have a nice behind-the-scenes tool that reformats the pages for printing, so you won't get any of the sidebars or weird formatting problems.  You'll just get the article text, nice and neat.  No hassles, no fuss, just use your browser's print command.

Now onto the obvious change -- you've probably noticed the homepage is now two columns instead of three. We thought it looked a bit cramped before. This opens up the page for some breathing room. But, in the process, some of those items on the side were moved or removed. This is the one area where we're most interested in your feedback -- was there something in the sidebars that you're now missing? Is there something that could be in a better location? Let us know with a comment below, or e-mail by clicking the (new and improved) e-mail graphic at the top of the page.

Next, the "Wall Street" section on the homepage sidebar is different. Instead of showing charts, it lists the symbols, latest prices, and daily changes for each stock. You can still see the chart if you want -- just hover your mouse over the change (right-most column) and wait a second. The chart will pop up. We've got the same 4 companies as before (Citadel, Clear Channel, Regent and Saga) and since this takes up less space now, we added Arbitron, Sirius and XM. Did we forget anyone?

Last but not least, we've added a new page to the main menu, "Privacy Policy." There really isn't anything new or controversial here -- just a few items we had on the "About" page that we thought we'd move to their own page, so we could explain them more thoroughly.

That's it! If you notice any problems, or if you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know! And if nothing else, be sure to vote in the Weekly Poll on the homepage and let us know whether you like the new look.

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One comment on “ 2.1 (if we were counting)”

  1. The only thing I have to say is that I think the sidebar and main content should be switched around. It seems like I'm always staring at the sidebar now.


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