Route 81 Radio Foreclosure Sale

July 21, 2008 by

The Pennsylvania-based company that owned Galaxy's Utica-Rome cluster for a short time in 2004, is now history.  "Route 81 Radio" has been taken over by one of it's own primary investors following a foreclosure sale, reports Scott Fybush in this week's NorthEast Radio Watch.  Route 81 no longer has any properties in Central New York, but we thought it would be fun to take a quick look back at its brief stay in U-R.

Galaxy/Route 81 Utica-Rome Timeline

All dates from 2004 - click any date to see the original article

January 31:  Galaxy announces sale of Utica-Rome cluster (WRCK Rock 107, WKLL 94.9 K-Rock, and WTLB 1310) to Route 81 for an undisclosed amount.

March 1: Galaxy disconnects Syracuse K-Rock feed from WKLL, replaces it with simulcast of WRCK.

March 6: Route 81 switches WKLL again; this time simulcasting WTLB's adult standards format and changing the call letters to WTLB-FM.

April 29: Galaxy's Ed Levine shows up with police to reclaim control of the studios, claiming Route 81 missed a payment.  The 94.9 signal reverts to simulcasting K-Rock with the original WKLL call letters.


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