WIBX Picks Up NASCAR Races

July 21, 2008 by

Regent's Newsradio 950 WIBX has just signed up with Performance Racing Network (PRN) to carry live coverage of NASCAR's Sprint Cup series.  The announcement was included in an e-mail sent to the WIBX "Listener Club" this afternoon.

In addition to the races, the e-mail says WIBX is carrying PRN's "Sunday Drive" program, a live call-in show which airs from 8-9PM.  PRN's website says the show only airs during racing season, and WIBX's program schedule still lists "Best of Lars Larson" for Sunday nights from 7 to 10.  We're guessing that means PRN will simply interrupt Larson for now, and the normal schedule will resume in November.


4 comments on “WIBX Picks Up NASCAR Races”

  1. WIBX has also signed up with MRN Radio and just completed talks with IMS. Indianapolis Motor Speedway Radio Network to carry this years Allstate 400 @ the Brickyard and next year's Indy 500.

  2. Thanks for the update! We've actually had some questions from folks who've been missing MRN and PRN programming in this area. Apparently there's still nobody in Syracuse carrying races on the radio since WSCP stopped carrying them. (If anyone out there knows otherwise, please let us know!)

  3. Actually since WKRL/K-rock dropped them, Levine moved the various Nascar programming there for a year after selling WSCP. At this time to my knowledge the closest stations to Syracuse carrying the programming are WIBX and a Newark/Sodus station (103.5 FM). The latter can only be heard about as far east as Warners, another station's signal overrides it in the metro Syracuse area. I've never attempted to try to determine how far west WIBX can be heard, but it also does not come in in Syracuse itself.

  4. WIBX's signal is pretty directional, mostly aiming to the north and east of Utica.

    Here's a map of WIBX's signal pattern. You'll notice the fringe signal just barely misses Syracuse, but even within that boundary, we rarely pick up WIBX on the Thruway in Onondaga or Madison Counties.


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