WOKR Wants to Move Closer to Utica

July 21, 2008 by

Scott Fybush reports in this week's edition of NorthEast Radio Watch, that EMF-owned WOKR/Remsen (93.5) is looking to move closer to Utica.  Fybush says WOKR is applying for permission to move to a new tower in East Floyd. 

The new location is several miles closer to both Utica and Rome, and the proposal calls for a power increase from 1150 watts to 3kW.  Though the new proposal also calls for an HAAT reduction of 276 feet, it still allows WOKR to get a city-grade signal into Utica.  For the past several years, a translator at 94.1 has helped the station reach buildings in the city center.

WOKR is owned by EMF Broadcasting, but has an LMA (and sale option) with God's Country Radio Network.


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