WSYR Dropping Paul Harvey?

August 4, 2008 by

A former WSYR employee tells that the Clear Channel news/talker has dropped legendary broadcaster Paul Harvey from their daily lineup. He also appears to be missing from the station's website. (If you go to and hover your mouse over "Shows" in the menu, Harvey's name is gone.)

Harvey's morning and late-afternoon segments have always aired during local programming. However, his midday segment -- which used to air during WSYR's local noon news hour -- has been airing at 11:45AM since the station started carrying Rush Limbaugh live from noon to 3pm. That means Harvey had been taking over the last 15 minutes of the Glenn Beck Program.

If the former employee is giving us the right information, Harvey's last time on WSYR was Friday and he will not be on-air today.

One comment on “WSYR Dropping Paul Harvey?”

  1. Well, no Paul Harvey today 8/11. I'm not entirely surprised given Paul himself has more or less been on extended leave of absence for a long time, although some of his fill-ins have been exceptional.


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