POTW: New Studio for WNYO (2008)

August 8, 2008 by

Because this Friday happens to be 08/08/08, we decided the Picture of the Week would come from a station that has an "8" in the frequency.  You can't get any closer to an all-8 frequency than 88.9 WNYO at SUNY Oswego... and making it even better, 2008 has been a big year for WNYO.

WNYO's New Studio (2008)

This is WNYO's new studio inside SUNY Oswego's brand new Campus Center building.  According to the caption listed with this photo on WNYO's website, that board is digital, but we aren't sure what's running on that monitor on the right.  Obviously a work-in-progress when this photo was taken... you'll notice a few XLR cables and a Telos, but no microphones or copy stands yet.

Check the WNYO website for a few other photos (right on the homepage as of this writing).  In the fourth one, notice a white square above the studio windows -- we're told that's an on-air light.  Definitely gives student DJs much more visibility than WNYO's old digs, hidden in an obscure corner of the Hewitt Union basement.


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