Arbitron Lifts Syracuse & Utica-Rome P12+ Embargoes

August 9, 2008 by

Sorry we're a few days late on this one -- it's the first time we've had really good internet access during our summer vacation, so we just noticed Arbitron has released the P12+ ratings for the Syracuse and Utica-Rome markets.  It appears Clear Channel's WBBS (B104.7) and Regent's Lite 98.7 (WLZW) are the clear winners in their respective markets.

We can't help but wonder if Arbitron simply "forgot" about the embargoes in the four markets until we recently asked them why the markets have been under embargoes for such a long time.  But there may be other factors at play; as of this writing, Ithaca-Cortland and Watertown are still embargoed.

Still, we're glad to see there are finally some "public" numbers once again.


WBBS (B104.7) has a clear lead, more than 5.5 ratings points ahead of second place.  That happens to be Citadel's WNTQ (93Q), which leads Clear Channel CHR competitor WWHT (Hot 107.9) by less than a point.  Newsradio 570 WSYR, which tied for second place two springs ago, falls to fourth place.  Every station in the top 8 has gained points since Spring 2006, the last spring book for which the numbers were made public.

Other notables: Buckley's tweaking of WSEN from "oldies" to "classic hits" results in a gain of 0.6 points since two springs ago.  But moving WFBL from news/talk to "Oldies 1390" had the exact opposite effect.

Oddly, the ratings listing on R&R's website shows WOLF-FM (Movin 100.3) and WOLF-AM (Radio Disney) still together as a "childrens" simulcast.  It also still lists WFBL as a news/talk format (though that doesn't really impact the numbers in any way).


At first, it almost looks like little has changed in the 3 years since Arbitron placed the market under an embargo.  For Spring 2008, Regent AC WLZW (Lite 98.7) and country WFRG (Big Frog 104) dominate the market with a combined 26.1 rating.

But the similarities between Spring 2005 and Spring 2008 end there.  The KISS-FM simulcast (WSKS/WSKU), which changed hands from Clear Channel to Roser Communications last year, has more than doubled its pre-embargo P12+ number, leaping from 8th place into 3rd place.  Roser also posted a notable gain on the Bug Country simulcast (WBUG/WBGK), while ex-Clear Channel now Galaxy WUMX (Mix 102.5) loses a little more than a half-point since Spring 2005.

Other notables: Regent news/talker WIBX loses a little more than a full point as it drops from 3rd place to 6th.  And WUTQ, an ex-CC property that went to Roser (switching from sports to standards), jumps from a 0.3 to a 3.3.

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Again, these are Arbitron's ratings for Persons ages 12+ throughout the average week.  (In other words, it's the overall average of all listeners at all times.)  These public numbers do not reflect specific dayparts or demographics.  Many stations target specific "niche" demographics, rather than appealing to the overall P12+ audience.  Those results are made available only to stations and advertisers who subscribe to Arbitron's reports.

3 comments on “Arbitron Lifts Syracuse & Utica-Rome P12+ Embargoes”

  1. Additionally, WUTQ has switched from sports to a self generated "Beautiful Music" format with specialty programming on the weekend.

  2. Thanks for the reminder -- our internet access was limited on-the-road at the time. We "fell" for the references on R&R's page, which list WUTQ as a Galaxy property. But you're 100% correct and we've updated the article.


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