Bob & Tom TV Show in the Works

August 21, 2008 by

Cameras are being installed in the studios of the syndicated "Bob and Tom" morning show -- in preparation for the show's leap to TV this fall.  The new show will air nationwide on the "WGN America" cable channel, starting November 3rd.

According to R&R, each morning's show will be recorded with seven HD automated cameras.  After the radio show is over, editors will trim it down to just one hour of that morning's best content.  As of now, the TV show is slotted to air at midnight eastern time.

Bob and Tom claim WLLW in Ithaca and WOTT in Elmira among their affiliates.  The show also used to air on WOUR in Utica/Rome, but was replaced by a simulcast of TK99's Gomez & Dave shortly after Galaxy bought WOUR from Clear Channel last year.


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