POTW: Tantric Visits 95X (2008)

August 22, 2008 by

Platinum-selling national recording group "Tantric" recently stopped by the 95X (WAQX) studios in Syracuse.  The group posed for a few pictures including this one with midday DJ Alexis.  (Also read on for details on our POTW contest!)

POTW: Tantric Visits 95X 

Aside from Alexis being front and center, we're not sure who's who or what special occasion brought the group to Syracuse.  But you can see more from Tantric's visit on the 95X Photo Wall.


Picture of the Week Contest!
Obviously the New York State Fair is the big pink elephant in the room for next week's edition of POTW.  So, here's the deal: first station to send us a picture of their remote broadcast setup at the Fair gets to be next week's POTW.  
But there's one exception!
Any station that sends a picture with air talent holding a sign that says "" automatically trumps submissions that don't.  The sign doesn't have to be fancy -- it can be handwritten in marker on the back of last hour's music log, for all we care.  As long as it's clearly visible, it counts.  And if we actually get more than one station with air talent holding a sign, we'll do a "special State Fair edition" with multiple Pictures of the Week.

What's the prize?  You'll get 50% of our gross revenues for the month of August.  Since we don't sell ads or make money in any other way, that means you'll be winning 50% of nothing.  Buuuuuut, the free publicity you'll get for your station is priceless!  Plus, you'll have the personal satisfaction of taking part in something fun (while documenting local radio history), and putting a smile on our faces.

How to enter:  Send your photos to pictures (at)  Please include a caption listing names of those in the photo, if you send one with on-air staff.  Also let us know if we can credit you for taking the picture, or if you'd prefer to remain anonymous.

Deadline: Even though the POTW doesn't publish until midnight on Friday, our submission deadline is midnight Thursday.  (That's Wednesday night into Thursday morning.

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