Power 106.9 Looking to Move Tower?

September 12, 2008 by

We're no broadcast lawyers or engineers, but documents recently filed on the FCC website seem to indicate Clear Channel wants to change the "community of license" for Power 106.9 (WPHR) from Auburn to Solvay.

After hearing a tip about the move, we set out to find the proper documents on the FCC website, which isn't exactly in line for any "excellence in user-friendliness" awards anytime soon.

If we found the correct documents and understood them properly, it looks like Clear Channel wants to move WPHR from this site halfway between Auburn and Moravia...

View Larger Map this site, which appears to be on or near the property of Onondaga Community College:

View Larger Map

The reason we're not 100% sure if we're right -- we hate the FCC for coming up with complex documents like the official application form for the construction permit at WPHR's proposed new transmitter site.

At the bottom of that form, you'll find a link to a "Community of License Change - 307(b) Statement" in which Clear Channel explains why Solvay meets the FCC requirements as a suitable Community of License.

Comparing the CP application to WPHR's current stats, it appears the change will result in the transmitter Height Above Average Terrain being lowered from 283m to 124m.  While a reduction in HAAT usually means more power, it looks like Clear Channel actually wants to lower the Effective Radiated Power, from 14kW in Auburn to 9kW in the proposed new location.


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