Another Subpoena for Arbitron's PPM

September 16, 2008 by

Less than a week after New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo raised questions about the methodology behind Arbitron's Personal People Meters, it looks like he's got company from New Jersey.

A statement from the office of New Jersey Attorney General Anne Milgram begins with announcing that "the state has issued a subpoena to Arbitron, the monopoly provider of ratings services to U.S. radio stations, concerning allegations that its new method for measuring radio station listenership in New Jersey is flawed, statistically unreliable and undercounts the listening habits of minority consumers."

The rest of the statement sounds similar to Cuomo's move less than a week ago, questioning whether the PPM puts minority-oriented stations at a disadvantage.

Arbitron already has a response to the New Jersey subpoena on its website, and it looks very similar to the response posted following New York's inquiry last week. The response stresses how the methods used to recruit PPM-keepers is no different from the methods used to recruit diarykeepers.

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