K-Rock Hires New PD; Levine Taunts 95X

September 17, 2008 by

"Nixon Elected."  Less than three weeks after former K-Rock (WKRL/WKRH/WKLL) PD/middayer Ty announced she'd be leaving for a new job Baltimore, Galaxy Communications has announced the hiring of her replacement. 

A press release issued today from Galaxy programming VP Mimi Griswold says the new guy's name is "Nixon."  He'll be coming straight up Interstate 81 from Harrisburg, PA, where he previously served as APD for Citadel rocker "105.7 the X" (WQXA).

Griswold says several talented candidates interviewed for the position over the last few weeks, and she is confident “NIXON’s experience and vision as Program Director will lead K-Rock to even greater success.”

Galaxy CEO Ed Levine took the opportunity to launch a jab at crosstown Citadel rival 95X, saying, “It gladdens my heart to know that the beatings of WAQX will continue."

Even though Galaxy dropped Arbitron in favor of Eastlan's ratings services at the end of 2006, Arbitron included Galaxy's stations in it's publically-available ratings data for the Syracuse Spring 2008 book.  The K-Rock Syracuse simulcast ranked 8th among Persons 12+ with a 4.1, while 95X ranked 9th with a 3.6.  That's a reversal from Spring 2006 (the next-most-recent numbers to be made public), when 95X had a 1.5-point lead over K-Rock.

Griswold did not provide an exact start date for Nixon, but says he will begin by the end of the month.


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