Frequent Limbaugh Fill-In Gets Own National Show

October 8, 2008 by

Former San Diego mayor Roger Hedgecock, a frequent substitute for Rush Limbaugh, will have his own nationally-syndicated weekday talkshow starting just after the new year.

The Roger Hedgecock Show will air weekdays from 6-9pm Eastern Time, starting on January 5, 2009.  A press release on syndicator Radio America's website says Hedgecock will replace The Michael Reagan Show.

Hedgecock currently hosts a local weekday show on KOGO in San Diego from 3-7pm Pacific Time, and a Saturday-only syndicated show.  The Radio America press release doesn't specify whether Hedgecock will run the national show out of KOGO (since it's the same time he's currently on-air) or if he'll be moving elsewhere.

On occasion, Hedgecock has been tapped to fill-in for Rush Limbaugh.  "El Rushbo" is heard locally on WSYR/Syracuse, WIBX/Utica-Rome, WHCU/Ithaca and WTNY/Watertown.  Out of those four, only WTNY currently carries Hedgecock's weekend show.  No word yet on the fate of the Saturday show, or whether any of these stations will be signing up for Hedgecock's weekday show.


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