Calm Before the Storm

October 24, 2008 by

It's been a pretty slow week, but it may not be quiet for much longer.  Mark your calendars for November 6th -- that's the day Citadel and Regent are both planning to release their Third Quarter earnings reports.  As of this writing, stocks for both companies are valued below 50¢ a share.

Both companies have recently been served warning that they could be delisted from their respective markets; Citadel from the NYSE, and Regent from the NASDAQ.  In order to remain in the major markets, a company must close above $1.00 for at least 10 consecutive trading days before their "warning period" ends.

As of 1:45PM on Friday, Citadel stock (CDL) was at 30¢ and Regent (RGCI) was at 44¢.

Regent's conference call will be first, at 9:00am.  You can listen live on Yahoo! Finance.  Citadel's conference call is scheduled for noon -- to listen in, you'll need to call a toll-free number.  If you aren't able to listen in live, both conference calls will be available for playback afterwards; details on the respective links. 

Saga Communications, with a healther stock price above $4.00, will deliver its 3Q earnings report via conference call at noon on Election Day, Tuesday, November 4th.  CC Media Holdings will do the same on Monday, November 10, but there will be no conference call or webcast.


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