Former CNY'er McMahon Exits WBZ/Boston

November 15, 2008 by

An observant reader points out Bob McMahon, formerly of stations in Utica and Syracuse, has been let go from WBZ in Boston.

According to, a media blogger for the Boston Herald reports McMahon was one of three people to receive walking papers from the station, as part of "cluster-wide job cuts" at CBS Radio.

Our reader points of McMahon started his career at WUFM (later WZOW, now WRCK) and WTLB in Utica, later going on to become News Director at WOLF in the early 1970s.

The WOLF Tribute Site has some airchecks of McMahon anchoring newscasts at WOLF; but you'll need RealPlayer (an application we abandoned several years ago) to listen to them.


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