Ithaca's I-100 Seeks PM Drive Personality

November 20, 2008 by

ITHACA - Something you don't see too often these days: a radio job opening!  Ithaca's I-100 (WIII) is looking for a someone to rock afternoon drive.

Here's the announcement from I-100 PD Mark Vanness:

If you know the music, can communicate in an adult manner to an adult audience, have fun and be topical then we want to hear from you!   Log onto our web site, stream us and give us a look before you apply…   

Are you familiar with Audio Vault, Vox Pro, Music Master?  That would be a plus but not required.  This position includes commercial production so we will need samples.    Your daily duties, other than your killer show, will include assisting in our promotions and marketing department!   Are you a creative type?  Always thinking?  Good!  Experience and enthusiasm a must!    No beginners please!    You will have a ball working here, plus we are a Saga Communications owned radio station with top dollar equipment in a 4-star facility.   This position will be available right after the first of the New Year.

Email your audio, history, references and cover letter to

I would prefer you didn’t but if you feel the need to snail mail me your stuff, here is my address:

Mark Vanness/ I-100
1751 Hanshaw Road,
Ithaca, NY 14850.

No phone calls!
Saga Broadcasting is an equal opportunity employer.


Got Jobs? publishes radio job openings in Syracuse, Utica-Rome, Watertown and Ithaca/Cortland, free of charge.  PDs, it's one more recruiting source you can add to your EOE public file... and did we mention it's free?  Just e-mail your job postings to cnyradio(at) or use our handy contact form.

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3 comments on “Ithaca's I-100 Seeks PM Drive Personality”

  1. Saga Broadcasting is not what they appear to be. The GM and Operations Manager think they are it and everyone else is second best. Saga came into Ithaca and took over the airwaves and there hasn't been a decent DJ in Ithaca since. Where do they get these guys with no personality. They're horrible. They forced their number one DJ for 13 years out. Tried to do everything they could to get him to quit and finally succeeded. Ithaca radio hasn't been the same since. Why would you cut off your nose to spite your face? Don't trust them they lie through their teeth.

  2. First off radiolover, you apparently don't have a clue about what your saying. Saga Communications and the management at Saga are some of the finest people I have ever had the pleasure of working with, not to mention the rest of the staff. These are some of the hardest working true radio people I have ever seen. I've worked in several markets from Florida to New York and seen the kind of people you are talking about...Saga people are nothing like you described and neither is Saga Communications as a whole. Find a life dude, your lameness is pissing me off!!

  3. I will once again point out that I100 is a CORTLAND, NY radio station. It is licensed to CORTLAND! It would be nice if its marketing hype reflected that fact. Its to bad the FCC allows stations now to put their stick in a community only to be ignored. What good does it do Cortland County to have Saga studios in Ithaca? What good does it do Cortland to have our AM dumped onto a useless religious broadcaster? Consolidation and chucking 60 years or rules out the window has led to the garbage you hear on the radio today. Saga, PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR CITY OF LICENSE!


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