Z95.5's Wright to Camp Out for Hungry

December 4, 2008 by

ITHACA - Z95.5's Justin Wright will be going to extremes to help the hungry this holiday season.  He'll be camping out in front of an Ithaca supermarket all next week, regardless of the weather, to encourage food donations for a local food pantry.

Wright has pledged to spend at least four nights outside of Wegmans in Ithaca, regardless of the weather.  When Wright took part in a similar effort in Roanoake, Virginia, he helped to raise over 6,500 pounds of food.

Doing the same in Ithaca could be tougher... according to Arbitron (PDF - see pages 13 and 16), the Roanoke market is more than four times larger than Ithaca.  And it's about 10 degrees colder in Ithaca than Roanoke this time of year.  We're not trying to be pessimistic -- but hoping it will encourage anyone "on the fence" to head on down to Wegmans in Ithaca (Google Map) sometime next week.  

The Tompkins County American Red Cross Homeless Services Food Pantry says another 6,500 pounds of food is enough to provide about 5,200 meals to less-fortunate families.


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