WEOS Shuffles Schedule for 2009

December 16, 2008 by

GENEVA - In the wake of NPR's decision last week to cancel News & Notes, affiliate WEOS has announced a number of changes to its weekday schedule, effective early next year.

Starting January 12, WEOS will be adding On Point with Tom Ashbrook.  He's already familiar to listeners; WEOS explains Ashbrook was carried as special programming during this year's DNC and RNC, and the program received positive audience feedback.

Just one minor issue: Ashbrook's show airs live at 10am, but News & Notes runs at 1pm.  In order to carry Ashbrook's call-in show live, WEOS will be sliding World Café and Fresh Air back one hour.  World Café will run from 11am to 1pm, followed by Fresh Air until the current schedule is resumed with Talk of the Nation at 2pm.

NPR fans may know Ashbrook's show is actually 2 hours long (as carried on WRVO-HD2 and the WSLU stations) but WEOS says it's audience for World Café is very strong, and it does not want to shorten that program.


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