Meteorologist Pagano Booted from WSYR

December 24, 2008 by

SYRACUSE -- Meteorologist Pat Pagano has been relieved of his duties for "Central New York's Morning News" on Newsradio 570 WSYR, according to published reports. Pagano had been providing morning drive weather reports on WSYR for 34 years.

The Syracuse Post-Standard says Pagano was informed earlier this week that today would be his final day on the air. The newspaper did not say how many other stations Pagano works with, but the Long Island-based forecaster said "radio is becoming very limited," as stations scale back on budgets. Pagano tells the Post-Standard he'd like to try to get a deal with another station in the market, but if that doesn't happen, he may exit radio altogether.

The Post-Standard said it was unable to reach WSYR program director Jason Furst for additional comment. 

WSYR has been using forecasts from meteorologists at former sister station WSYR-TV (NewsChannel 9) in all other dayparts outside of weekday mornings.  That partnership has continued even though Clear Channel sold off its TV stations earlier this year.

However, WSYR-TV will not be taking over morning weather duties; the station has been running promos stating it's going to be using forecasts from The Weather Channel starting on Monday.  Not a big surprise, as WSYR-TV's two senior meteorologists are already committed to other radio stations for morning drive.

3 comments on “Meteorologist Pagano Booted from WSYR”

  1. That's a shame. Even though he wasn't local, Pagano had a good rapport with Galuski that made him sound like he was really there during their little chats. WSYR won't get that kind of personality with random people from the WX Channel. Will there even be anything live from them, or will it all be canned?

    Just another bad decision from the same team that's been turning WSYR into a shadow of its former self for the last couple of years. But looking at it from CC's view, Pagano probably wants cash while the WX Channel is usually happy taking barter spots. And I doubt anyone in the audience listens JUST for Pagano, so it's not like WSYR's going to lose any audience from this.

  2. I wouldn't be so sure about the other WSYR-TV meteorologist having "committments" to other stations. Dave Longley, who does weather for B104, and often did weather on 570 when Pagano was on vacation, moves to the evening slot on TV in a few weeks. Will he continue getting up early to give the radio folks their weather?

    I also wouldn't bet on Teske doing weather for Y94 too much longer. They are airing promos "welcoming Dave Eichorn to his new home on January 5th."

    So, since Clear Channel is the common thread here, one has to wonder:

    Is Dave Eichorn the new morning weather man for CC radio? Put an ISDN in his house and he can sit at his kitchen table and do weather for B, Y and 570.

    Either way, what the folks at CC Syracuse did to Pat is a shame. Do you really mean to tell me that "budget issues" forced Jason Furst to fire Pat immediately, with ONE day's notice, on Christmas EVE?!?

    It's a completely classless thing to do, and a situation all too familiar at a once great station.

  3. We haven't heard any of Y94's Eichorn promos, but we have heard people talking about them. We do have it on pretty good authority that Dave Longley will continue providing forecasts for B104.7, despite the fact it won't be too convenient for his sleeping routine.

    That leaves Jim Teske... ironically, the only one of the bunch who's actually on TV in the morning. We haven't heard anything about whether Teske will wind up on another station.


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