No More "Day to Day" on WRVO

January 2, 2009 by

OSWEGO -- A little over three weeks ago, NPR announced the show "Day by Day" would end in March due to budget cuts, but local affiliate WRVO isn't waiting -- today was the final day for "Day by Day" on WRVO's primary lineup.

In a "WRVO Program Notes" e-mail issued today, PD Fred Vigeant says another NPR News program, Tell Me More, will begin airing on WRVO this Monday. Tell Me More, described as a show that "strives to reveal whole stories from many, different perspectives," is hosted by former Nightline correspondent Michel Martin.

However, fans of Day by Day don't need to worry -- the WRVO website says the show will continue airing weekdays at 3pm on WRVO-2 until the show ceases production in March.

On an unrelated note, a number of programs offered on WRVO-2 will be disappearing from the schedule as of January 10. The station says Calling All Pets, National Geographic World Talk, and Weekend America are all ceasing production. They're still lining up replacements, and an announcement is expected next week.

WRVO 89.9FM is simulcast in Watertown (WRVJ 91.7), Utica (WRVN 91.1), Syracuse (WRVD 90.3) and Cortland (WSUC 90.5). Programming on the WRVO-2 lineup is only available online, or to those with HD Radio receivers within range of the primary WRVO transmitter in Oswego.


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