Lite Rock 105.9 Adds Bob & Sheri Show

January 6, 2009 by

SYRACUSE -- Nearly four months after longtime WLTI morning host Dave Allen was let go, it appears Lite Rock 105.9 has a new permanent morning show team in place.  It's the syndicated Bob & Sheri show.

The Citadel AC station is carrying the Charlotte, NC-based show weekdays from 6am to 9am.  That keeps the station's "Workday Kickoff Music Hour" intact before transitioning to the recently-added Jayne show from 10am to 4pm.  Local jock Brian Phillips, who had been holding down mornings, will now fill in the 3-hour gap between Jayne and Delilah.

With these changes, Operations Manager Tom Mitchell says, "our personality lineup is now set."  He adds, "we believe that the addition of this roster of compelling personalities will really increase the listener's enjoyment."

The Bob & Sheri show is hosted by Bob Lacey and Sheri Lynch.  According to a publicity release, the duo met in 1991, when Lacey was searching for a co-host.  Lacey says he'd been looking through dozens of airchecks, but wasn't impressed with anything.  Then, Lynch -- then working in TV -- happened to be visiting the station, and her personality caught Lacey's attention.  She wasn't looking for the job, but Lacey convinced her to try it out, and within the year, the duo was #1 in the Charlotte market.  Today, they have more than 50 affiliates.


Foggy Memory Moment UPDATE:  Thanks to the reader who confirmed our earlier "foggy memory" -- Bob & Sheri did air previously in the Utica-Rome market on the WOW-FM stations (the former WOWB and WOWZ) in the early 1990s, the first time the 97.9 and 105.5FM frequencies were owned by Roser Communications Network.  (Roser now owns the stations again, as Kiss-FM WSKS and WSKU.)  Another reader believes Bob & Sheri also aired on 1390AM in Syracuse at some point.  Thanks for helping out!

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  1. When WFBL-1390 was a talker, they first had .. I can't think of his name, a local guy for their morning show, then they decided a syndicated show was cheaper and ran The Savage Nation mornings until enough people complained that they returned Savage to live at 6:00 PM and from that point until they dropped talk, Bob and Sheri ran in the mornings from 6-9 with some other syndicated news show (Jim Bohannon maybe) from 5-6. (when someone posts his name I'm going to say D'oh! ... it's stuck in my brain this morning.)


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