95X Adds "Loveline"

January 8, 2009 by

SYRACUSE -- Citadel rocker 95X (WAQX) has added the syndicated Loveline show to its lineup, Sunday through Thursday evenings.

According to, 95X is one of five new affiliates that recently signed up for the advice show, syndicated by Westwood One.  The show originates from Los Angeles, weeknights from 10pm to midnight Pacific.  95X is also airing the show from 10 to midnight, but Sunday through Thursday, meaning it'll be aired locally on delay.  (We presume most east coast affiliates do this, as the show probably wouldn't get as much of an audience from 1-3am.)

Loveline is no stranger to Central New York -- the show aired on cable's MTV from 1996-2000, and it was picked up by K-Rock in 2003, back when the hosts were Dr. Drew Pinsky and comedian Adam Carolla of "The Man Show" fame.  Today, Pinsky remains on the show, and Ted Stryker is the co-host.

At 95X, the addtion of Loveline means afternoon jock Stone makes way for evening jock JP one hour earlier, at 6pm. And it seems Undiscovered, which ran at 10pm Sundays, has disappeared; the show is no longer mentioned on the 95X Website.


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