New Look for WSEN Website

February 5, 2009 by

SYRACUSE -- An observant reader points out a new look for the internet home of Buckley's Classic Hits 92.1 (WSEN).

The website at boasts new graphics, and perhaps of most interest to listeners, a new page called "What Song Was That?"  It shows a listing of every song WSEN has played in the last 20 hours or so (which in our opinion, is much better than websites that only list the last 10 songs -- frustrating when you're in the car and you get home just in time for the 11th song to kick out the song you were wondering about).   Adding to the functionality, you can click to hear the hooks of most songs on the list.


Got News?
Our thanks to the reader who sent an anonymous tip through our Contact form.  If you notice something "new" in the world and we haven't reported it yet, let us know!

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