WOTT Moves Down the Dial

February 10, 2009 by

WATERTOWN - Real Rock WOTT has a slightly new name (reminiscent of an old radio war from Syracuse decades ago) and a new frequency, as owner Community Broadcasters fires up a brand new FM signal in the north country.

According to today's edition of Tom Taylor on Radio-Info, WOTT moves from its Class A signal at 100.7 in Henderson to a brand new Class C3 signal at 94.1 in Calcium.  The new signal is stronger and much closer to Watertown.

Taylor reports the station is now calling itself "94 Rock," which many will recall is the moniker used for the former WSYR-FM in Syracuse in the late 70s and early 80s before it became WYYY.

The programming lineup remains intact, with the syndicated "Bob & Tom" in the morning, PD Lance "Lancer" Hale in afternoon drive, and "the all powerful Oz" at night.

Taylor says Community Broadcasters will announce its plans for the 100.7 signal tomorrow.  (We'd love for owners Bruce Mittman and Jim Leven to kindly let us know too, so we don't have to keep paraphrasing someone else.)


External Link (added 2/11/09):
WOTT Press Release as posted on Watertown's 


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We're too far away from Watertown to hear on-air changes for ourselves, and the lack of radio station websites in the market makes it tough for us to keep track of what's happening there.  We'd love to have more news from Watertown, but we need your help!  If you know of any happenings in the market, e-mail us - -- or use our Contact form.


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