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February 22, 2009 by

Happy re-birthday to us!  It's been exactly one year since re-launched under new management -- after the site spent nearly four years in hiatus.  We've got plenty of people to thank for our success, and to show our thanks for your help in our first year, we've got a present for you!

Birthday Thanks

First, we'd like to thank Scott Jameson, who started the original back in 2001... and for allowing us to re-launch the site last year.  The original site was great, we were sorry to see it go, and we were excited when Scott agreed to allow us to get it back up and running once again.

We'd also like to thank you!  Whether you work in radio or not, whether you've ever written in with a story tip or not... or whether you're a PD or OM we've pestered for information about a story... we're grateful for our readers, the folks who point out newsworthy items we may have missed, and for the programmers who take the time to help us report on what's happening in the local radio scene.  Without all of you, together, this site would only be a fraction of what it is today.

And Now... Our Gift to You!

One thing we've been lacking since we started back up was the complete "station directory" which used to be a big part of the original  Scott had advised us to be careful about expanding the site too quickly -- and we agree, we don't want to get in over our head. Station Wiki logoThat's why we're relaunching the directory as the " Station Wiki" -- because, just like Wikipedia (we're even using the same core software they do), anyone can write content, correct errors and make updates when there are changes.  We can't do it alone, so we hope you can help, even if you just keep an eye on the page for your one favorite station.

Before we give you the link to access the Wiki, we have two important disclaimers:

  • The Wiki is incomplete.  Despite our efforts to get volunteers to help get it going, most of the work was done by us.  And considering "us" is just one person who is also busy with the daily news updates here on the "main" site, along with a "real" day job, we didn't get terribly far with the wiki.  Many station pages are complete, but many more haven't even been touched yet.
  • Some pages are already outdated.  We started on this project months ago, and in some cases, once a page was finished, we never went back to make updates (when stations fired/hired people, made program schedule changes, etc.).  We should have made updates as soon as we posted the related news articles, but in some cases we didn't.

On the plus side -- YOU have the power to update any station page that's outdated or incomplete.  If you already have a Subscriber Account, your login and password will work on the Station Wiki site.  If you don't yet have an account, sign up here for free, and then head over to the Station Wiki.  (You don't need an account to view the wiki, but without an account, you won't be able to edit anything.)

All account registrations and password changes are handled here, on the main site.  While the Wiki will accept your login info, you cannot sign up for new accounts or change your password there.

Also note, even if you are already logged in here on the main site, you must still login at the Wiki.  Although the two sites share the same login information, they do not share login sessions.  (Accordingly, if you're on a public computer, be sure to logout of both sites when you are finished.  Logging out of one will not automatically log you out of the other.)

OK, here's the address:

If you plan on editing anything, please read the Manual of Style and the Privacy Policy there first.

Wiki links will appear on the main menu (at the top of the page you're reading now) in a few days.  For now, this is the only link because we'd prefer everyone read those disclaimers before they access the Wiki.

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions for the Wiki, please let us know!

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