New Ownership for WMCR... Changes Pending?

March 22, 2009 by

ONEIDA -- The tiny station next to the former Ames plaza on Route 5 in Oneida will soon have a new owner.  WMCR is in the process of a pending sale to James Johnson's Leatherstocking Media Group.

Johnson tells the Oneida Daily Dispatch he doesn't anticipate making any major changes immediately, other than "technology upgrades."  But he did tell the paper he may split up WMCR's AM/FM simulcast, allowing for expanded programming offerings.

Johnson has worked in radio for 20 years, most notably as the former owner of the Banjo Communications Group, based in Oneonta.  He tells the paper the company grew "so big" he sold it in 2004, and now wants to return to radio with managing a smaller property.

The paper also included some rather boring, PR-like quotes from a statement by Vivian Warren, who purchased WMCR with her husband Bill in 1969.  Nothing about how she feels about the sale; just a laundry list of what WMCR does and noting Johnson's experience in radio management.

Johnson says the station was not even up for sale; he approached Warren out of the blue and they reached an agreement.  The newspaper article did not mention a sale price.  The deal is now awaiting FCC approval.


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